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Would You Support Your Parents to Take Equity Release?

By Mark Rumney on the 10th December 2017

Having advised on equity release schemes for over 17 years, I’m fully aware withdrawing capital from your home is a very important decision. It is probably the biggest financial decision you may take during later life. It is, of course, usually the largest asset by far that any of us will ever own, and will […]

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Why the Nationwide Equity Release Tie Actually Boosts Uptake of Independent Advice

By Mark Rumney on the 1st December 2017

The announcement by Nationwide Building Society to enter the lifetime mortgage market is a great boost to the world of equity release. They are, after all, the...

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The answer to your retirement adventures

By Mark Gregory on the 24th August 2017

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy life, but many people spend most of their retirement worrying about money and budgeting. If you can relate to this, and...

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Equity release helps over a dozen first time buyers a week

By Mark Gregory on the 23rd August 2017

Nowadays, becoming a homeowner for the first time is increasingly difficult. With average UK house prices standing at £223,257 as at June 2017, it means that, i...

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How to help your family with education fees

By Mark Gregory on the 22nd August 2017

Most parents want their kids to do well in life, and getting a good education is often key to achieving this aim. Yet, with the average student graduating from...

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Keeping wealth within the family

By Mark Gregory on the 21st August 2017

Late middle age may have its drawbacks, but for many people, it brings multiple benefits. With the mortgage often paid off, and hopefully years of fruitful reti...

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Using equity release to pay off mortgage

By Mark Gregory on the 19th August 2017

Do you have an interest-only mortgage? It is close to reaching maturity? Do you have enough money set aside to pay it off? If not, you’re not alone – it is thou...

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Equity Release - Helping You Plan for an Uncertain Future

By Mark Gregory on the 17th July 2016

Post Brexit, there will be many guesses as to how the economy will fair, equity release interest rates included. This post looks at where lifetime mortgage inte...

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Innovation, Progress & Development Within the Equity Release Market

By Mark Gregory on the 1st June 2016

Equity release in 2016 is set to continue its strong growth from 2015 which broke all previous retirement lending records. With new lenders such as Legal & Gene...

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What Borrowing Options Exist with Old Prudential Equity Release Plans?

By Mark Rumney on the 3rd May 2016

The first quarter of 2016 has seen a huge amount of equity release lending. Equity Release Council statistics show that £393 million pounds of equity was releas...

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