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Equity Release for Leasehold Properties

By Mark Gregory on the 22nd March 2018

More house owners are looking at equity release plans to free up funds from their properties for a variety of reasons. These may range from helping family members to get a foot on the property ladder to home improvements, holidays, or even private care. One of the issues facing those looking to take advantage of […]

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Can you have lodgers or tenants on an equity release property?

By Mark Gregory on the 21st March 2018

With equity release, a fast-growing product in the mortgage industry, there are several issues which homeowners seeking equity release plans for comparison need...

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Can Japanese Knotweed Affect Eligibility for Equity Release?

By Mark Gregory on the 20th March 2018

Borrowing money against your home in retirement was once a cumbersome process, but this has become easier over the years, thanks to lenders becoming more relaxe...

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Do you need to pay your mortgage before you retire?

By Mark Gregory on the 18th March 2018

There’s a commonly-held belief that it is a wise idea to try and have your mortgage paid off by the time you retire. But even if this is feasible, is it necessa...

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Help Switching Equity Release Plans

By Mark Gregory on the 17th March 2018

With the prospect of interest rate rises in the near to mid-term, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the best deals and rates for all your financial commitm...

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What rising house prices means for equity release

By Mark Gregory on the 16th March 2018

Rising house prices are a common topic of conversation. Bemoaned by many, they are welcomed by others. One particular group finding a new advantage in the incre...

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More Flexibility In Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 16th March 2018

Many people have at least a vague idea of what is meant by equity release plans. These vague ideas are often coloured by the negative publicity that has in the...

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Is equity release a safe option in 2018?

By Mark Gregory on the 10th January 2018

What is equity release? Equity release is essentially the use of the built-up equity in your property which helps to fund your retirement, home renovations, or...

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Find that ray of sunshine with equity release

By Mark Gregory on the 9th January 2018

Since the financial crisis of 2008, a rising number of independent financial advisers confirm that they are receiving more enquiries about lifetime mortgages an...

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Equity release hits record high

By Mark Gregory on the 7th January 2018

More and more UK householders are using equity release as a means of raising much-needed funds, according to the latest figures from the Equity Release Council...

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