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Can I still leave an inheritance

By Mark Gregory on the 8th August 2017

For many of those contemplating an equity release plan, leaving an inheritance for their beneficiaries is one of their main concerns. Although the interest that accrues on the cash freed up from this exercise is, in almost all circumstances, not payable until after death, it can potentially swallow the entire value of a property. This […]

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Do I need equity release advice?

By Mark Gregory on the 5th August 2017

Increasing numbers of homeowners are finding themselves in the old cliché of becoming ‘asset rich and cash poor’ when they reach retirement. While this may be l...

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How to pay care home costs

By Mark Gregory on the 2nd August 2017

We may all be living longer these days, but that brings its own issues. Poor health in advanced old age means many of us end up struggling to live independently...

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How long does it take to pay an equity release loan?

By Mark Gregory on the 20th July 2017

An equity release loan is a source of financial independence and security. More and more over 55s are using the value of their home to access equity as a tax fr...

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How equity release is used for gifting

By Mark Gregory on the 19th July 2017

Today’s retirees are creating new traditions, such as adopting a more active and independent lifestyle and providing a better quality of life for their family n...

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Releasing equity for home improvements

By Mark Gregory on the 30th June 2017

Most families across the country are opting to make home improvements rather than pay expensive house prices, stamp duty and moving costs. Instead of moving hou...

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Home reversion equity release

By Mark Gregory on the 20th June 2017

Home reversion is a type of equity release plan, whereby you are able to sell a percentage of your property, or all of it, to a specialist home reversion provid...

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What is a Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage?

By Mark Gregory on the 20th June 2017

If you own your own home, it’s your main residence and want to use some of the money locked into it, you may want to consider taking out a lifetime mortgage. As...

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The best equity release calculator

By Mark Gregory on the 19th June 2017

If you are searching for the best equity release calculator, you should look for an equity release tool that offers you realistic options based on your current...

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Using equity release to clear your debts

By Mark Gregory on the 15th June 2017

Most people have an idyllic idea about retirement. It means taking it easy, having the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to, and relaxing, free from th...

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