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Are UK retirees really ready for retirement?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 4th March 2019

After spending several decades surviving lengthy commutes and sacrificing family time, you deserve a relaxing retirement. However, for many, there are several serious financial questions to tackle before any downtime can be enjoyed. One of these concerns is the ever-widening retirement saving gap. By 2050, economists predict that the differential between the cost of living and weekly income will...

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How Flexible are Lifetime Mortgages for Residential Interest-Only Customers Looking to Escape & Maintain Status Quo?

By Simon Maher on the 29th May 2018

There has been much publication around the subject of interest-only mortgages in the residential property market and later life lending. One option for people s...

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Legal & General Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage - A Toe in the Water Before a Dive into the Retirement Interest Only Market?

By Mark Gregory on the 30th April 2018

The recent launch of Legal and General Home Finance’s Interest-Only Lifetime Mortgage has generated a lot of media commentary. The Optional Payment Lifetime Mor...

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Is the Halifax Equity Release Plan Still Available for Pensioners?

By Mark Gregory on the 25th February 2016

Borrowing into, or actually in-retirement is a contentious issue in 2016. We’ve had the credit crunch more than 7 years ago now, which saw as result the FCA dem...

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