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News Release and Realise your travel dreams with equity release

Release and Realise your travel dreams with equity release

By Mark Gregory on the 15th June 2017

Retirement means different things to different people - a chance to see more of the grandchildren, the opportunity to take up new hobbies or revisit old ones, or maybe the time to get your house and garden the way you’ve always wanted them.

For many people, though, retirement can offer the chance to travel - to take extended holidays, ticking off those ‘must-visit’ places or achieving experiences on your ‘bucket list’.

The thought of taking a relaxing round-the-world cruise, embarking on an exciting African safari, finally achieving that road trip to America you’ve always promised yourself, or seeing far-flung places you’ve never seen before, is a tempting one. However, none of these experiences come cheap, and for many retired people, they seem nothing more than a pipe dream.

You may think you will never be able to have that extra money for traveling, but you could be wrong. If you own your own home, you may be able to take advantage of an equity release scheme to free up the cash you need to go on that dream holiday.

Equity release involves releasing some of the cash currently tied up in your property, while still keeping full home ownership. So, you stay in your house, but release some of the money you have spent on buying it. This cash, which could be a large sum, can be spent any way you wish.

There aren’t any repayments to make necessarily with equity release schemes. However, with new flexible plans & features, you do now have the choice of making repayments to help control the future balance.

Whether you want to seek out the Northern Lights on a cruise to Alaska, treat the family to a two-week break in Disneyland or travel across Europe in the Orient Express, you will finally have the extra funds you need.

So if you are aged 55 or over and you own your home, and you find yourself dreaming of being able to find enough money for traveling, why not consider the various equity release schemes available? They could make your dreams a reality.

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