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The Equity Release Supermarket newsletter is a popular monthly edition of our market overview and insight into matters relating to equity release.

We feel strongly that education of the UK population is paramount in growing this market to the benefit of the over 55’s who are looking forward to an enjoyable retirement.

To explain the virtues of equity release schemes and how they can help the over 55’s attain their objectives has been a strategy of Equity Release Supermarket since it was founded in 2008. This strategy we feel must be clear and transparent and to provide sufficient quality information for UK homeowners to ascertain whether a lifetime mortgage is best advice, or maybe not.

With over 28,000 subscribers, we feel obliged to keep everyone one of them updated with the latest offers and deals, as and when they come to market. Timing is very important. Equity release isn’t something that should be rushed into as there are many factors that need to be considered and explained by your Equity Release Supermarket adviser.

This market is in a state of flux at present and seeing an unprecedented period of growth. With extensive product development, including flexible repayment options, lowest equity release interest rates and exciting and innovative features, ensuring you apply for the right equity release plan, at the right time, is paramount for both you and your beneficiaries.

Equity Release 2018 and Beyond…

Equity Release Supermarket also endeavour to provide industry insights into how we feel the market may change & provide a long term view of where this industry could be in the future. We have history and experience of this and use contributors that have advised and been involved in the shaping product design with lenders at board level.

Therefore, its important that an informed and impartial equity release newsletter is produced which keeps consumers abreast of this rapidly changing environment. We hope you enjoy the monthly editions and find the information provided therein help retirees make an informed decision as to whether equity release is right, & if so, help you find the best equity release deal in the process!