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Nottingham Building Society

Nottingham Building Society was founded in 1849 by a group led by Samuel Fox, a Quaker prominent local grocer.

The purpose of the society was to promote the construction of a better class of dwellings, suitable for the working and middle classes, as well as provide a safe and profitable place for small savings.

Over the years the Society has stayed true to their principles of providing their customers with value, advice and choice backed by first-class service.

The Nottingham offers a range of RIO mortgages with fixed and discounted rates with maximum loan-to-values of 40% of the value of the property. RIO mortgages are available to homeowners over the age of 55.

The Nottingham’s RIO mortgage range can be used for remortgaging, house purchase and to raise additional capital (in keeping with the Society’s lending criteria).

When assessing affordability, the Society will use current income or projected income if you are not yet retired. For joint applicants, each income will be assessed individually.

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