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Equity Release Supermarket Equity Release Calculator Voluntary Repayment Calculator
Voluntary Repayment Calculator
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Equity Release Supermarket Equity Release Calculator Voluntary Repayment Calculator
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Checked for accuracy and updated on 31 October 2023

Equity Release Calculator For Voluntary Repayment Lifetime Mortgages

Try our free equity release calculator for voluntary repayment lifetime mortgages

*The balance outstanding assumes repayments are made on day one of the following year.
A lifetime mortgage may run for a longer period than the estimated term shown, if so, the loan balance will be correspondingly higher.

How to use our voluntary repayment equity release calculator

It couldn’t be simpler to use our voluntary repayment calculator for equity release. To get an instant estimate of the amount you could save over the length of your voluntary repayment lifetime mortgage, simply add in details about your plan into our equity release calculator.

Once you’ve filled in the information, your voluntary repayment equity release calculator results are shown instantly in an easy-to-read table.

The above criteria are that which lenders use when deciding how much money you can borrow from them. The results that are generated for you at the end illustrate your mortgage balance across different periods of time, including when you don’t make any repayments, and when you do (based on the % you inputted). This helps you easily see how much money you could save through the lifetime of your equity release plan by making regular voluntary payments.

Are any further details needed for me to fill in this voluntary repayment calculator for equity release? Not at all. With all our equity release calculators, no further details are required for you to see how much you could release or save with one of our equity release plans.

You can also find personalised calculations for all other eligible equity release plans when you use smartER, an innovative equity release tool that provides real-time calculations across the entire market.

An introduction to voluntary repayment lifetime mortgages

Voluntary repayment lifetime mortgages are a relatively recent innovation and provides you with real flexibility in how you manage your equity release plan balance in the future. This is comparable to other lifetime mortgages which don’t offer ad-hoc repayments or where early repayment charges (ERCs) are included.

Voluntary repayment schemes allow you to repay anywhere up to 10% of your original balance each year without penalty. Lenders have different criteria as to how much and when these payments can be made.

If you're able to make some form of monthly, annual or ad-hoc repayment, the final amount that has to be repaid when your plan ends will be significantly lower.

Our voluntary repayment calculator gives you a good idea of what these potential savings could be and shows the effect making repayments, or not, has on your future lifetime mortgage balance.

After you have used the equity release calculator for voluntary repayment plans, you may still have some questions. That’s where our local Equity Release Supermarket advisers can be invaluable in helping you make significant savings on your equity release mortgage. Simply give them a call and they will be able to talk this through with you in more detail.

How to compare voluntary repayment lifetime mortgages

Looking to compare lifetime mortgages? You can research the range of voluntary repayment lifetime mortgages currently available to you using our compare equity release deals functionality – a tool that’s only available at Equity Release Supermarket.

You'll be able to view all the voluntary repayment lifetime mortgage interest rates, along with their features and any offers from all lenders across the equity release marketplace. Alternatively, try our free intelligent smartER equity release research tool, which allows you to conduct your own research on voluntary repayment plans across the whole of the later life market.

Looking to see how much you could release from your property with a different equity release plan? Take a look at our equity release calculator page to receive an estimate for all your eligible plans or use our switch equity release plans calculator to see where you could save.

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Your voluntary repayment equity release calculator results may not be what you were expecting, but it’s important to remember they are only a guide. Your local expert adviser is on hand to answer all your questions and find the right plan for you. If you’re ready, why not call them now?

The voluntary repayment calculations are only for illustrative purposes and cannot be guaranteed. To understand the features, benefits and risks of a lifetime mortgage, please contact us and ask for your own individual, personalised illustration.