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Making the dream of a sun-drenched bolthole a reality

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 1st December 2023

Irregular weather patterns have been a feature of British life for centuries. Given our isolated position as a tiny island set in the North Atlantic, it tends to be hot during the summer and cold during the winter, though neither presumption is consistently accurate.

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Tomorrow's World: How AI's Impact on Life Expectancy Affects Baby Boomers' Retirement Plans

By Peter Sharkey on the 6th November 2023

Readers of a certain vintage may recall a BBC television programme, first broadcast in 1965, which succeeded in capturing the imagination of a generation of bab...

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How Equity Release Could Support Aspiring Homeowners in a Buyer's Market

By Peter Sharkey on the 23rd October 2023

Sat in a departure lounge at Sydney airport after experiencing five glorious weeks Down Under a few years ago, my wife and I mulled over what would / could have...

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The Future of State Pensions in the UK: Will Equity Release Play A Key Role?

By Peter Sharkey on the 23rd October 2023

The number of seemingly popular, pre-election policies subsequently implemented once a political party ascends to power can usually be numbered on the fingers o...

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Asset Rich And Cash Poor? You’re Not Alone.

By Peter Sharkey on the 28th September 2023

A flurry of recent reports have found that around one fifth of UK adults aged 55 and over, approximately 4.2 million people, have less than £1,000 in savings. E...

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How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Home More Accessible in Retirement?

By Mark Gregory on the 25th September 2023

Getting older and moving into retirement can be a very exciting time of your life; an opportunity to truly relax and spend more time with loved ones.However, in...

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Balancing the Books: Pension Triple Lock and Equity Release for a Comfortable Retirement

By Peter Sharkey on the 8th September 2023

Towards the end of 2019, a few months before the pandemic arrived and turned our lives upside down, I shared a beer with a good friend, a guy I’ve known for mor...

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How Equity Release and Inheritance tax Can Work in Tandem

By Mark Gregory on the 21st August 2023

So many people take pleasure from gifting or supporting family members whenever they can, and most would love to help their family with bigger ticket items such...

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Can you combat rising costs and support your family with equity release?

By Peter Sharkey on the 18th August 2023

Though buried in the busiest holiday month of the year, mid-August is nonetheless a significant period for hundreds of thousands of adults. On 16th August, the...

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How equity release can help both sides with a divorce settlement

By Mark Gregory on the 14th August 2023

Unfortunately, divorce can happen at any time and at any age, and whilst divorce in general is on the decline, figures from the UKs Office for National Statisti...

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