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Richard Brook
Strategic Board Richard Brook

Richard BrookMDip, MCIM

Chief Marketing Officer

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Richard's primary mission is to enhance the value we offer our customers, particularly those over the age of 55. He collaborates with the board to craft marketing strategies aimed at effectively engaging this demographic. But his role extends far beyond that - it's about personalising the customer experience at each opportunity.

At Equity Release Supermarket, we've invested in creating a tailored onboarding process and an array of digital resources. Richard leverages these assets to help make the customer journey as smooth as possible. His commitment to personalisation and innovation is rooted in his belief that the customer should always come first.

Furthermore, Richard's impressive background in the consumer finance sector sets him apart. He's not just a marketing expert; he's been a driving force in lead generation within several industries.

Before joining Equity Release Supermarket, he held the role of Head of Distribution Marketing at Key Group, a specialist in equity release. Prior to this Richard worked at Tenet Group, a network of financial advisers where he had the opportunity to help redesign and relaunch several propositions. Outside of financial advice Richard spent over a decade within the energy and IT sectors.

In addition to his professional journey, Richard's a family man. He resides in Mirfield with his loved ones, and this personal touch underscores his understanding of the importance of financial decisions in later life. It's not just business for him; it's about ensuring that people have access to valuable and impartial advice when considering equity release.

Richard is also a firm believer in taking the innovative strategies and solutions developed by Equity Release Supermarket to a wider audience. His goal is to help more people, just like those in his community, access a comprehensive and impartial equity release service.

He's driven by the company's core principle - the customer is at the heart of everything we do - and he's determined to bring that philosophy to a broader market, helping to make significant improvements in this growing sector.