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Our online-real time smartER research tool will help you find mortgage plans from across the 50+ later life market based on your personal criteria.

After analysing over 1000 product variants, your smartER results will show the exact amount you can borrow and interest rates you qualify for.

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Our latest TV campaign demonstrates how easy it can be to take control and see for yourself. With just a few details smartER™ can show you product features and rates that you could be eligible for.

What is smartER?

Video: Your equity release discovery tool.

This video provides provides an insight overview of how smartER works and why it helps homeowners research the equity release market place. It explains the features - including filters, interest rates and access to every product avaialble in the later life market.

smartER overview

When it comes to equity release and later life lending, your options are growing all the time. New lenders are coming to the market, new plans are being launched regularly and interest rates are constantly changing.

With hundreds of options to consider across equity release, retirement and retirement interest-only mortgages, it’s impossible to keep up to speed with the latest deals, find a plan that could meet your needs and learn exactly how much you could borrow.

That’s why we created smartER.

It is the only intelligent equity release tool on the market and gives you access to all the detailed information about equity release and later life lending plans, that before now, have only been available to equity release advisers.

smartER is here to empower you before you speak to your Equity Release Supermarket adviser. Simply by giving you the information you want, you’re in control and able to talk through your options with confidence.

Why should I use smartER?

If you’re wanting to research your equity release and later life lending options in detail, where do you look?

Before smartER, your options were to use our compare equity release deals tool or one of our range of equity release calculators.

These are great if you want to get a quick understanding of how much you could borrow or see the interest rates and features of the latest deals from across the entire marketplace.

But neither give you a shortlist of plans, created in real time that are based on your personal information and show you exactly how much you could borrow.

This is where smartER revolutionises equity release search.

Simply by inputting your details and your plan requirements, smartER will search the whole of the market in real time and show you a range of options based on your personal circumstances. The more you tell us, the better your results!

Your shortlist will detail every plan and show you exactly how much you could borrow, plus you are able to further refine your results by using the range of filters.

By creating an account and saving your results, you are free to come back to smartER and discover your latest options at any time: without the hassle of inputting your details again.

The features and benefits of smartER

  • smartER is the only equity release search engine on the market.
  • It’s free to use.
  • It doesn’t involve any credit checks and won’t impact your credit score.
  • Your results are unique to you. You’ll know exactly what you could borrow, based on your personal details.
  • There are just a few short questions to answer, and you’ll get your results instantly.
  • It’s a one stop solution. Saving you the time and hassle of searching across websites to understand your equity release options.
  • smartER searches the whole of the market – so your results give you the ‘complete picture’.
  • Your results can be edited and amended using the range of filters to further refine your shortlist of plans at any time.
smartER frequently asked questions

There isn’t one! We’ve always been leaders in using technology to help our customers discover more about equity release and how it can help them enjoy financial freedom. smartER is our latest functionality and just like the rest of the tools and content we offer you – it’s free to use. By providing us with your information, your Equity Release Supermarket adviser will be better informed when you talk through the plans for your money.

Making changes to your smartER results couldn’t be simpler. Once you have received your results, simply use the range of filters available to fine tune in accordance with the features your require.

Alternatively, if you need to go back and amend previously inputted data (e.g. property value), then click ‘Edit search criteria’ – make your amendment, and your revised shortlist of plans will appear.

No. smartER isn’t linked to any credit reference agencies and so doesn’t create any sort of footprint on your credit file.

smartER works with equity release and later life lenders from across the whole marketplace who provide our smartER engine with online real-time data. We therefore work alongside all lenders to ensure their product details are the latest available, at all times.

The safety and security of your personal information and data is of the upmost importance to us and that’s why smartER is encrypted by Cloudflare’s highest bit-rated SSL certificate which ensures that your data is held securely at all times.

Any personal information you input into smartER is used to generate your results. We will never pass your data onto any third parties or other organisations. Please read our privacy policy for more information. Your smartER results will be shared with your Equity Release Supermarket adviser so that when they speak to you, they have a better understanding of the plans for your money.

You are free to unsubscribe to any contact from Equity Release Supermarket at any time. Simply email [email protected]

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