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The parent trap: Why are 75% of people still funding their grown-up children?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 14th July 2021

Our recent study revealed a staggering three-quarters of parents still provide financial support for their children long after they have flown the nest. But where is the money coming from?

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How much could your care needs really cost you in later life?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 1st July 2021

A recent report by the Equity Release Council highlighted the ongoing funding crisis of the UK’s adult social care system. Let's take a closer look at the numbe...

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Lifetime Mortgage – Your re-mortgage options

By Gareth Humphreys on the 14th June 2021

The equity release market has seen significant changes and improvements over the last decade. This has seen new lenders come to the market such as Legal & Gener...

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How to stay safe in the garden this summer

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 4th May 2021

Find out ways you can make your garden safer and more manageable in time for the summer sun.

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Will 95% LTV Mortgage Schemes Help or Hinder New Buyers in the Long-Term?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 13th April 2021

For first-time buyers, could 5% deposits really be the leg up necessary to get on the property ladder? Or will it take more than reduced upfront fees to make pr...

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Could equity release become more popular than remortgaging for older borrowers?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 23rd March 2021

If you’re over 55 and find yourself coming towards the end of your current mortgage deal, you will want to understand your options. Namely, how does equit...

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How Your Medical History Can Enhance the Maximum Equity Release

By Simon Bates on the 22nd February 2021

While equity release schemes have been available for many years, the concept of the enhanced equity release seems to have been a more recent addition. However,...

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Why Are You Still With Papilio UK Equity Release?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 22nd February 2021

Are you one of those lifetime mortgage borrowers who were originally with Northern Rock but, since March 2012, have seen the ownership of your mortgage transfer...

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How Equity Release and Power of Attorney Can Work In Tandem

By Glen Pike on the 22nd February 2021

Here at Equity Release Supermarket we occasional experience children and attorney’s contacting us asking whether they can take out equity release on behalf of s...

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Can I Repay Equity Release Early? Early Repayment Charges

By Mark Gregory on the 22nd February 2021

You can repay equity release early, the most popular plans being lifetime mortgages, but depending upon the lender, the type of plan and when it started, early...

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