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Canada Life reveals top motivations for releasing equity in 2023

By Sadna Zaman on the 11th April 2024

Clearing an existing mortgage remains the top motivation for releasing equity (41%) for the sixth year running according to new data from Canada Life. Funding home improvements secured the second spot, with 28% of customers citing this as their main reason.

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Exploring Your Options to Help Achieve Financial Peace of Mind

By Peter Sharkey on the 8th April 2024

Driving through the Cotswolds’ quiet, winding roads affords numerous opportunities to admire gentle, rolling hills, dramatic skies and an impressive collection...

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Accessing Your Home's Potential: Bridging Finance and Equity Release for Over 55s

By Mark Gregory on the 27th March 2024

For homeowners aged 55 and above, navigating the property market can present unique challenges and opportunities. There are many financial options and decisions...

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Pension Increases for 2024, Is It All Good News?

By Peter Sharkey on the 14th March 2024

The phrase ‘low-hanging fruit’ is a metaphor usually applied across a variety of business sectors to describe areas where a company may enjoy relatively easy pi...

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Could Your Home Contribute More To Your Retirement?: Upcoming Changes to Pension Rules

By Peter Sharkey on the 8th March 2024

Forthcoming changes to how pension savings can be accessed – and when – could affect longer-term plans of many people in their fifties. Nine years after new pen...

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Navigating Your Mortgage Transition: A Guide for Over 50s Facing Rising Mortgage Payments

By Mark Gregory on the 7th March 2024

According to the FCA over 1.5 million mortgages will come to the end of their fixed rate deal in 2024. The Bank of England (BoE) have recently held rates at 5.2...

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Is Downsizing Worth It? How to Compare It with Equity Release to Help Fund Your Retirement

By Peter Sharkey on the 13th February 2024

Although many of us we readily acknowledge its existence and importance, ‘emotional cost’ can be a difficult concept to measure. Truth is, in deciding whether t...

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Spray Foam Insulation And Mortgage Lending: An Overview For Consumers

By Simon Pawson on the 12th February 2024

Regularly presented as an efficient way of insulating a home, spray foam has almost become the new Japanese knotweed in the mortgage space, rendering a property...

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Living Well, Living Longer: Strategies for Sustainable Retirement Finances

By Peter Sharkey on the 6th February 2024

Receiving a congratulatory message from the late Queen Elizabeth II was once a comparatively rare event for someone reaching their 100th birthday and not, argua...

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2024: The Year of Elections

By Peter Sharkey on the 19th January 2024

Countries accounting for more than 60% of the world’s economic output and well over 50% of its population are scheduled to go to the polls this year, a unique p...

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