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Equity Release Solicitors

Equity Release Solicitors: What They Do and Why They’re Essential

By Mark Gregory on the 29th September 2020

As you are reading this article, chances are you already know a thing or two about equity release and want to flesh out the finer details. If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Equity Release Supermarket, we are long-standing members of the Equity Release Council, or ERC (the industry’s governing body), which means […]

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Equity Release Supermarket partner with LiveMore Capital

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 10th September 2020

Equity Release Supermarket are proud to announce our partnership with LiveMore Capital, a RIO mortgage specialist. Continue reading, below, for more information...

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How to staycation safely

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 24th August 2020

While that dream trip abroad may be on hold for the moment, there’s no stopping you from enjoying the UK.   To stay safe on your home-grown holi...

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Can you spot the (socially-distanced) hobbies in these scenes?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 17th August 2020

If you’ve recently discovered family cycling trips during lockdown or loving socially distanced days out on the golf course, we’ve got the perfect p...

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How Long Does Equity Release Take?

By Mark Gregory on the 10th August 2020

Equity release usually takes from between just 4-6 weeks, though at Equity Release Supermarket, we have cases where the whole process has been completed in just...

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Journey to becoming an ERS adviser: Sue Eastham

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 21st July 2020

In just one short year as an independent Equity Release Supermarket adviser, she has established herself as a firm favourite amongst her clients - and a beloved...

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What is later life lending?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 7th July 2020

Later life lending is a term used to describe several types of borrowing designed for homeowners, typically over the age of 55.

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3 ways to create a comfortable and convenient garden for retirees

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 30th June 2020

Sweeping, digging and watering are par for the course, and this can put a lot of strain on the joints. Bad backs, stiff knees; nobody wants them, but they&rsquo...

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The most essential home modifications for retirees

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 30th June 2020

If you’re ready to take on your dream retirement, the first question to ask is - are you ready to finance it?

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Equity release calculators: An industry-leading innovation for our customers

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 8th June 2020

Equity Release Supermarket has long been an industry leader in technological innovation – and our ingenuity shows. We were the first broker to introduce t...

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