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Compare Equity Release Calculators by Providers

The most popular type of equity release is a flexible lifetime mortgage plan which can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the equity release providers from high street names to specialist lenders.

Lifetime mortgage lenders & their equity release calculators

Each lifetime mortgage lender has their own maximum loan-to-value (LTV) criteria. To find out how much you could borrow with a provider, simply select your preferred lender and use our lender-specific equity release calculator. This will provide you with an accurate result showing your maximum release of equity.

Showing personalised equity release results from lifetime mortgage lenders such as Aviva, More2Life, Legal and General, and LV, it’s easy to see which equity release provider has the best deal for you. Just click on the provider names below to fill in your criteria.

Canada Life
Just Retirement
Legal and General
Pure Retirement
Scottish Widows
Standard Life

Home reversion lenders & their equity release calculators

Home reversion and retirement mortgage lenders are slightly different from lifetime mortgage lenders. While lifetime mortgages are a popular option, it is always best to compare the best equity release deals across the entire market to see that you are making the right financial decision for your individual circumstances.

If you choose a home reversion plan, part, or all of your property, is sold to the plan provider in exchange for a tax-free lump sum, or regular payments. A retirement mortgage gives retirees the option to continue borrowing on their residential mortgage beyond the age of 75, and retirement interest-only mortgages (RIOs) allow homeowners the chance to borrow on an interest-only basis in their retirement.

Click on the options below to find equity release calculations from lenders, including specialist equity release providers such as LiveMore, Crown Equity Release, and Hodge Lifetime.

How to use our lender-specific equity release calculators

If you are considering equity release but haven’t decided on which lender could offer the best deal for your circumstances, then a lender-specific equity release calculator could be just what you need.

Below you will see a comprehensive list of all the equity release lenders on the market, from high street names to equity release specialists. Each lender has their own features and benefits, so it is always best to do your research. Why not compare equity release deals from the whole of the market and get equity release quotes that offer you the best options for your criteria.

We have split the lender list below into two helpful sections: lifetime mortgages and home reversion/retirement mortgages.

Lifetime mortgage plans vary widely to meet your circumstances and are the most popular type of equity release mortgage. There are now over 200 different lifetime mortgage variants across the whole market to choose from, so it couldn’t be easier to find a plan to suit your individual needs.

Home reversion and retirement mortgage providers, specialise in alternative later life lending solutions. Home reversion plans offer an option for those who are dissuaded by the roll-up interest of a lifetime mortgage.

In contrast, retirement mortgages are based on income and affordability, requiring the payment of monthly premiums to manage the future balance of the mortgage.

With all our real-time equity release calculators, no further details are required for you to see how much you could release from an equity release mortgage. Once you’ve filled in the information, your lender-specific equity release calculator results are shown instantly in an easy-to-read table for you quickly compare your old plan against a new one.

How to compare equity release mortgages?

Looking to compare lifetime mortgages? You can research the range of lifetime mortgages currently available to you using our compare deals functionality – a tool that’s only available at Equity Release Supermarket.

You’ll be able to view all the lifetime mortgage interest rates, along with their features and any offers from all lenders across the equity release marketplace. Alternatively, try our free intelligent smartER equity release research tool, which allows you to conduct your own research on equity release plans across the whole of the later life market.

Looking to see how much you could release from your property with a different equity release plan? Take a look at our equity release calculator page to receive an estimate for all your eligible plans.