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Crown Equity Release Home Reversion Plan - No Rent

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Home Reversion Plan - No Rent

  • Type Home Reversion
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  • Lifetime Tenancy Guarantee
  • Early Redemption Guarantee


As an independent provider of home reversion plans, Crown Equity Release is a family-owned Equity Release firm who have been assisting homeowners realise their retirement goals for over 30 years. Crown Equity Release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and their registration number is 464925.

Crown Equity Release provide an ‘individual approach’ to underwriting, hence they can potentially unlock greater amounts of equity from a property than most traditional lifetime mortgage lenders. This unique approach allows them to consider non-standard property types and purposes, which may assist those with previously declined cases.

Offering a bespoke underwriting service, and decision-in-principle within 48 hours, Crown will tailor a product to suit the homeowners needs - so no scenario in theory should be considered unacceptable.


The Crown Equity Release Home Reversion plan is specifically aimed at homeowners not only looking for a lifetime security of tenure, but also the guarantee of passing on an inheritance to their beneficiaries.

Crown’s minimum age criteria is just 50 years of age, upto a maximum of age 95 for any home reversion application.

Crown offer single and joint life plans with flexibility on age for joint applicants. Should one of the homeowner be under the age of 50, but above age 40, Crown will still consider an application. In addition, Crown will also consider two or more homeowners, along with non-resident property owners.

The location of the property which must be a main residence, needs to be situated in England or Wales with a minimum valuation of just £50,000 and with no upper valuation limit.

Any property type will be considered - where most lifetime mortgage lenders decline applications based on build type or unusual client situation, Crown will consider all on an individual underwriting basis.

The minimum loan accepted is £15,000 with an unlimited maximum property value.

For loans over £1m, please contact Equity Release Supermarket as bespoke quotations are available. Please call 0800 088 5898 for your personalised Crown Equity Release Key Facts Illustration.


This is a home reversion plan which allows the homeowner to sell a part, or 100% of the property value to the home reversion provider in exchange for a tax-free lump sum.

One of the main features of Crown’s approach to underwriting property is their ability to provide high end loan-to-values which under certain circumstances can be as much as 85% of the property value.

Crown can create a bespoke product by listening to the clients requirements and creating a plan for their requirements – not the other way round.


Crown Equity Release offer the choice of whether or not to make rental payments. This decision will affect the size of the loan available, or the amount of equity that needs to be sold to the reversion provider.

The options can be simply no rent payable over the lifetime of the plan, or if affordability is proven, rent can be paid. Paying a rent will increase the size of the loan that is available.

The levels of rent payments are 1%, 3% and 5% - based on the loan amount released. e.g. borrowing £50,000 at 3% rent, would equate to £1500pa or £125pm rent.

These rental payments can either be fixed for life, or escalate annually by CPI (consumer price index) over the period of the loan. All variants affect the loan amount Crown will offer.

Should the property need to be sold early, an early redemption protection can be included in the Crown Home Reversion plan. In such circumstances, Crown will offer a percentage rebate based upon the timescale of repayment since inception of the plan. The cost of this optional feature would be deducted from the initial advance.

*Figures provided are based on a 65 year old male - selling 40% of his property valued at £400,000 with no rent payable.

To obtain further information or to request a quotation on the Crown Home Reversion Plan, please contact the Equity Release Supermarket team on Freephone 0800 088 5898 today.

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