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Allen Tomlinson

Allen Tomlinson Certs CII (MP & ER)

Equity Release Schemes, Retirement Mortgages & RIO's

Hello I’m Allen, one of the independent, whole of market advisers here at award winning Equity Release Supermarket. My passion is to deliver an unrivalled customer experience to each of you, every step of the way through your individual journey.

If you are considering raising capital from your property to facilitate a need or want, you might want to take a minute to think about the type of person you would like to assist you through this process. You may come up with adjectives like, honest, knowledgeable, understanding, empathetic, passionate. I would like to think that I am all of the above and believe those words describe for me, the cornerstone of what we do here at Equity Release Supermarket.

Sometimes the role of the adviser can be all too easily described as ‘the person that can obtain the best interest rate for me’. Rest assured that as a business, we work tirelessly with the lenders to push for more competitive rates and deals for our clients and whilst interest rate is vitally important, no getting away from that, it should never be the only factor to consider when thinking about raising funds through what is likely to be your most prized asset.

  • What about the flexibility for you to make voluntary repayments, reducing the effect of compound interest in order to protect a legacy?
  • Or having the assurance of a fixed early repayment charge should you decide to redeem your loan in full ahead of time?
  • The ability to draw further funds in the future should you need them?
  • The assurance that with joint applications, in the event of passing away or long term care, that the remaining partner has the freedom to move from the property without being penalised?

These plus many others should form a major part of the consideration and given equal priority alongside the headline cost of the plan.

I understand that in considering equity release, you are facing one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make during the course of the rest of your life, but that shouldn’t daunt you.

You have my personal assurance of a service that will exceed your expectations, delivering you the most valuable of commodities, peace of mind.

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