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The Equity Release Supermarket Free Guide to Equity Release offers a clear and concise explanation of what equity release is, and how these increasingly popular schemes work.

It also provides details of the many product formats available to people over the age of 55, who are looking to release tax-free cash from their property. These products include home reversion, drawdown, enhanced, interest-only, partial repayment and roll-up lifetime mortgages.

Our FREE equity release guide offers an impartial overview as to whether equity release can be right for you. The brochure can either be downloaded online, or posted to your home address.

This impartial equity release brochure will guide you through:-

  • The advantages and disadvantages of equity release schemes
  • Explain any potential implications on state benefits and tax
  • Learn how any decision could affect your inheritance
  • Explain the steps involved in applying for equity release
  • Where to find further help and advice

We feel this educational guide to equity release can provide the starting point of your lifetime mortgage research. This information can then be shared with your family to ensure that all parties are fully aware of the benefits and implications of releasing equity from your property.

There are many uses for equity release schemes which are becoming an increasingly popular form of retirement mortgage for people over the age of 55 and looking towards a financially secure and enjoyable later life.

Further Information About Equity Release

We hope you enjoy the information provided in our guide to equity release and the Equity Release Supermarket team look forward to any questions you may wish to ask by contacting us on our dedicated FREEPHONE 0800 678 5955 or by completing our enquiry form.

Further resources can be found by clicking any of the following links which will help you to find more about key information about releasing UK equity from your main residence.

Free Guide Enquiry

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