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Some Crucial Benefits of Halifax Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 29th May 2011

The Halifax equity release scheme is an interest only lifetime mortgage plan. It is specially developed for retired individuals to boost their retirement standard of living. With this type of scheme, the outstanding balance remains unchanged throughout the plan tenure. The applicant only needs to pay interest regularly to the lender. Traditional roll-up equity release […]

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Stonehaven’s New Equity Release – Interest Select to Inheritance Protect

By Mark Gregory on the 8th March 2011

On Thursday 3rd March 2011, the equity release market saw another welcome lender return with Stonehaven relaunching their Lump Sum & Interest Select plans.   Ha...

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Equity Release Schemes – Some Important Points To Consider

By Mark Gregory on the 30th January 2011

Every individual wants to live a comfortable life post-retirement. However, sometimes lack of capital can cause financial discomfort post-retirement. In such ca...

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The How’s & Why’s Leading Upto Retirement Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 24th December 2010

Equity release schemes can be beneficial for those retired individuals who suit the old adage where ‘asset rich but cash poor‘ features in so many circumstances...

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Equity Release – What Are The Advantages Over Regular Home Loans?

By Mark Gregory on the 23rd December 2010

Equity release schemes allow aged homeowners to get some amount of cash against the value of their property. If you are facing financial problems and your pensi...

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Home Reversion Equity Release Schemes – What Are They?

By Mark Gregory on the 22nd December 2010

Home reversion equity release schemes allow you to sell a part of or your entire property to a lender. In return, the home reversion company will provide you wi...

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Not Happy With Your Pension? Can Equity Release Schemes Help?

By Mark Gregory on the 20th December 2010

Should you have already purchased your annuity from your pension scheme, then unless it is indexed linked by inflation you may now be feeling that has lost some...

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Equity Release – Important Questions Answered

By Mark Gregory on the 16th December 2010

Before entering into for equity release, you need to be well versed with this financial product. Below are answers to some common questions that might make your...

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Equity Release – Three Popular Schemes Offered By Lenders Today

By Mark Gregory on the 15th December 2010

Do you want to unlock money against your property’s value? If your answer is yes, once all your options have been established, then equity release schemes can b...

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Enjoy Your Retirement Thanks To Equity Release Schemes

By Mark Gregory on the 13th December 2010

An increase in the standard of living has caused a shortfall in pension provision. This has affected the individuals who are on the verge of their retirement. A...

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