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Equity Release Schemes – Five Important Benefits

By Mark Gregory on the 9th November 2010

Equity release schemes are one option available to enjoy the fruits of retirement in a way many would never have envisaged. Some people are still unaware of equity release schemes and their numerous benefits; here we aim to address those issues.   Maintain standard of living Immediately upon retirement, there is an evident drop in […]

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Equity Release Schemes – An Important Part Of Your Retirement Planning

By Mark Gregory on the 29th October 2010

Equity release has been around for quite a long time and is available in different forms. Due to the important role it plays in retirement planning, equity rele...

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Equity Release – Some Facts You Must Know

By Mark Gregory on the 28th October 2010

Equity release is a scheme meant for senior citizens. There are still some misrepresentations on these schemes due to lack of customer knowledge & product aware...

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Equity Release – Unlock Money From Your Home

By Mark Gregory on the 26th October 2010

Are you suffering from financial problems? If your answer is yes and you are above a certain age you should look at equity release. Today, many older homeowners...

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Types of Equity Release Schemes You Can Benefit From

By Mark Gregory on the 24th October 2010

Equity release schemes help to release equity from your property. The main advantage is you do not lose the ownership of your home when you have received the mo...

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Two Different Types Of Lifetime Mortgages

By Mark Gregory on the 13th October 2010

If you want to improve your lifestyle or repay outstanding debts and do not have enough cash then consider the potential of an equity release scheme. Homeowners...

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Lifetime Equity Release Schemes – Here Is Some Information You Ought To Know

By Mark Gregory on the 6th October 2010

If your pension falls short of your budgetary requirements, then an equity release scheme could certainly be a good solution. Equity release is specially design...

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Want To Secure Your Retired Life? Opt For Equity Release Schemes

By Mark Gregory on the 10th September 2010

Equity release schemes are specially designed for homeowners who are above 55 years and own at least one home which must be their main residence. If you are ret...

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Is Equity Release A Good Option To Secure Your Future?

By Mark Gregory on the 25th August 2010

More and more people have started enquiring about equity release schemes. The growing popularity of equity release schemes is no surprise since the rate of retu...

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A Brief Guide To Equity Release Schemes

By Mark Gregory on the 24th August 2010

The lack of sufficient pension provision has further created a problem to older citizens over the past few years. Thankfully, several retirement schemes have be...

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