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Meet John Who Helped His Granddaughter Buy Her First Home

By Mark Gregory on the 29th November 2017

Meet John who is 78 years old and has admired his only granddaughter, Victoria who he’s seen grow up over the years. John is proud that Victoria has worked her way through school and university and has now secured a good job in London. John being close, has witnessed how Victoria struggles each month and […]

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Home Reversion Can Still Play a Part in the Whole Equity Release Scheme of Things

By Mark Gregory on the 7th April 2012

Home reversion schemes have literally had their nose pushed out of the equity release market upon entering the year 2012. There has been a significant rise in t...

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Equity Release Calculators – How They Can Help You

By Mark Gregory on the 1st July 2011

An increasing number of senior citizens now opt for equity release schemes with the aim to release cash (equity) from their property. This can be a wise decisio...

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A Brief Insight Into Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 4th March 2011

Equity release is a type of mortgage which is secured on your property and helps you to access money attached to it. The value of your property minus any secure...

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Equity Release – Some Facts You Must Know

By Mark Gregory on the 28th October 2010

Equity release is a scheme meant for senior citizens. There are still some misrepresentations on these schemes due to lack of customer knowledge & product aware...

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Does Low Income Concern You? Opt For Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 12th October 2010

More often than not, we see retired individuals depending on someone or other in their old age. If you are retiring soon, it is advisable for you consider equit...

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Home Reversion Plans

By Mark Gregory on the 8th October 2010

Equity release schemes are the generic term encompassing all plans including lifetime mortgages & home reversion plans. They are potentially suitable for homeow...

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Lifetime Equity Release Schemes – Here Is Some Information You Ought To Know

By Mark Gregory on the 6th October 2010

If your pension falls short of your budgetary requirements, then an equity release scheme could certainly be a good solution. Equity release is specially design...

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Equity Release Schemes – Retire With No Worries

By Mark Gregory on the 23rd September 2010

With an increasing number of retired people unable to meet their expenses on pension, equity release schemes are becoming one of the best tools to solve this ar...

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The Types of Equity Release Offered By Financial Institutions

By Mark Gregory on the 23rd August 2010

If you are 55 plus and own your own home that is your main residence, then you are eligible to choose from any of the current equity release schemes. Today, man...

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