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Hodge Lifetime

Hodge Lifetime was original formed in 1965 as Home Reversions Ltd and was a founder member of the trade body–SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) in 1991, which itself became the Equity Release Council. Hodge Lifetime are a subsidiary of Julian Hodge Bank and have now been providing equity release schemes longer than any other UK equity release company.

Specialising in the post-retirement marketplace, Hodge Lifetime offer a range of products from annuities to equity release schemes. Their equity release mortgages were the first to incorporate a flexible 10%pa repayment strategy, of which many other lenders have since copied. This allows the homeowner to control their future balance and reduce it – if and when funds are available to do so.

With additional unique product features, Hodge Lifetime are a leading innovator in this expanding industry. Of all the current equity release companies, Hodge Lifetime have the most focus towards retirement mortgage products. This has enabled Hodge to develop a range of retirement mortgages and RIO’s, based on income and affordability, for homeowners over age 50, where they wish to maintain an interest-only mortgage into retirement rather than roll-up equity release.

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