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Just Retirement Equity Release

Just Retirement are an established lifetime mortgage lender with a strong presence in the post retirement marketplace. Specialising traditionally in providing retirement income via annuities, they have naturally used the receipt of these pension funds to branch out to lending money in the form of equity release schemes. Having its own equity release funding model comes with its advantages and has proved the strength of the company in this increasing competitive lifetime mortgage marketplace.

Just Retirement are not only a lender, but also fund other equity release company’s products. Just Retirement offer traditional roll-up lifetime mortgages ranging from drawdown lifetime mortgages, interest-only lifetime mortgages, plus lump sum and enhanced equity release plans. Here Just Retirement use their experience of medical underwriting on cases where applicants have poor health and can therefore receive a higher maximum lump sum of equity.

Do the high street banks offer lifetime mortgages?

The ‘big 6’ high street banks - that is Halifax, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) don’t currently offer lifetime mortgages or other equity release plans themselves.

Recently, Nationwide entered the lifetime mortgage market but instead of offering its own range of plans, it refers its members to Pure Retirement

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