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Pure Retirement Equity Release

Pure Retirement was formed in 2014 as a specialist lifetime mortgage lender with a wealth of industry experience in equity release behind it. Pure now offers two ranges of lifetime mortgages: the ‘Pure Max Drawdown’ and the ‘Pure Sovereign’ range.

Pure Max Lifetime Mortgages

As the name suggests the ‘Pure Max Drawdown’ range is for those looking to borrow as much as they can as it offers higher LTVs as well as a drawdown facility so that you can borrow an initial amount now and again in the future from your reserve fund. ‘Pure Max Drawdown’ offers several options where you are able to mix and match free valuation, arrangement and legal contribution fees, enabling to make your plan fee-free if you want to.

Pure Sovereign Lifetime Mortgages

The ‘Pure Sovereign’ range works in the same way as the Max Drawdown options but the interest rate is lower as the maximum LTV is lower.

Do the high street banks offer lifetime mortgages?

The ‘big 6’ high street banks - that is Halifax, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) don’t currently offer lifetime mortgages or other equity release plans themselves.

Recently, Nationwide entered the lifetime mortgage market but instead of offering its own range of plans, it refers its members to Pure Retirement

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