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Are there any catches to a Free Equity Release Calculator?

By Mark Gregory on the 19th November 2014

Anytime something is free it does not come without some catches. For example if you want to get a free quote for an equity release product, you might have to give up some of your information first. How much information you have to supply the free equity release calculator is dependent on where you find […]

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Is the Lifetime Mortgage Calculator the Most Popular Analysis Tool?

By Mark Gregory on the 14th August 2014

You want to know how much equity you can release. It is the very reason you have started looking into products like equity release schemes for retirees. You are...

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Where Can I get an Interest Only Mortgage in Retirement?

By Mark Gregory on the 8th May 2014

Options are limited, but there are mortgage lenders that will still lend on an interest only basis in retirement. The problem is that most conventional lenders...

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Why Going Directly to Aviva Equity Release Costs More than Using an Independent Equity Release Broker

By Mark Gregory on the 25th April 2014

When shopping for equity release schemes online you might think it would be better value to go direct to the lender. It only seems logical that cutting out the...

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What Kind of Equity Release is the Stonehaven Interest Select Plan?

By Mark Gregory on the 5th March 2014

Equity release is an option for people who would like to benefit from some of the equity they own within their own home without actually having to sell their ho...

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Practical Help For People Providing Care For the Elderly

By Mark Gregory on the 28th February 2014

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the long term care system in the UK is the breadth and quality of informal and formal carers for those individuals...

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Joint Life Annuities Explained

By Mark Gregory on the 19th February 2014

Annuities have become increasingly popular for those consumers who are looking to create a sense of security and stability during their retirement years. There...

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Secure Your Family’s Future with a Guaranteed Annuity

By Mark Gregory on the 13th February 2014

Consumers can be faced with several difficult and challenging decisions as they approach their retirement years. For some of these consumers, the decisions to b...

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Controlling the Costs of Long Term Care

By Mark Gregory on the 13th February 2014

Paying for long term care can be a very daunting prospect for many individuals and their families, especially since most average consumers do not have a clear u...

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Getting the Lowest Equity Release Rate with Aviva Doesn't Mean Going Direct

By Mark Gregory on the 13th February 2014

Did you know that if you arranged your equity release direct through Aviva Direct, rather than using an independent equity release brokerage such as Equity Rele...

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