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Mark Gregory

Accessing Your Home's Potential: Bridging Finance and Equity Release for Over 55s

By Mark Gregory on the 27th March 2024

For homeowners aged 55 and above, navigating the property market can present unique challenges and opportunities. There are many financial options and decisions on what type of mortgage finance suits your situation; that would be to support moving property, or even renovating an existing one. Therefore, whether you're remaining in situ, moving house to downsize, upsize, or simply relocate, underst...

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Navigating Your Mortgage Transition: A Guide for Over 50s Facing Rising Mortgage Payments

By Mark Gregory on the 7th March 2024

According to the FCA over 1.5 million mortgages will come to the end of their fixed rate deal in 2024. The Bank of England (BoE) have recently held rates at 5.2...

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How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Home More Accessible in Retirement?

By Mark Gregory on the 25th September 2023

Getting older and moving into retirement can be a very exciting time of your life; an opportunity to truly relax and spend more time with loved ones.However, in...

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How Equity Release and Inheritance tax Can Work in Tandem

By Mark Gregory on the 21st August 2023

So many people take pleasure from gifting or supporting family members whenever they can, and most would love to help their family with bigger ticket items such...

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How equity release can help both sides with a divorce settlement

By Mark Gregory on the 14th August 2023

Unfortunately, divorce can happen at any time and at any age, and whilst divorce in general is on the decline, figures from the UKs Office for National Statisti...

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How to Reduce your 'Effective' Interest Rate by Making Flexible Voluntary Payments

By Mark Gregory on the 19th July 2023

Did you know you can make optional, partial, voluntary payments to your equity release lender? Although equity release gives you the option of making no repayme...

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Spray Foam Insulation No Longer a Barrier to Equity Release: New Solution from Equity Release Supermarket

By Mark Gregory on the 27th June 2023

The equity release industry is continually striving to develop new ways of helping homeowners age 55+ to release equity from their property. Equity Release Supe...

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Managing the Base Rate Increase: Exploring the Benefits of Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 27th June 2023

As of Thursday 22nd June 2023, the Bank of England implemented another interest rate hike, bringing it to 5% from 4.5%. This significant increase marks the 13t...

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How To Check If You’re Eligible For Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 22nd June 2023

Equity release is an appealing option for many people wishing to support their later life goals or fund their standard of living in retirement. However, we ofte...

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How Mortgages and Equity Release Provide a Conduit Through Life

By Mark Gregory on the 25th May 2023

Any financial decision you make during your lifetime is never usually more important than taking out a mortgage to buy your dream home. The right advice at this...

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