• Equity Release 2016 – The Changing Landscape

    By Allen Tomlinson on

    Looking back a mere 12 months or so, the landscape of Equity Release and in particular, Lifetime Mortgages has changed dramatically. Yes, the number of people utilising some of the wealth generated in their property has increased to a record level equating to over £1.7bn in 2015, but this has been driven in no small part by the innovation shown by the equity release lenders to provide ever increasing choice and flexibility in the plans made available to those 55 and over. Equity Release Voluntary Repayments – New Freedom of Choice The greatest change to the equity release marketplace…

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  • Review your Papilio UK (Northern Rock) Lifetime Mortgage to Calculate the Substantial Savings You Can Make.

    By Mark Gregory on

    One of the casualties on the 2008 financial crash was the Newcastle based – Northern Rock bank. For the first time in over 180 years, we saw a run on a bank in the UK. After the calamity of the credit crunch and the resulting fallout thereof, we evidenced the collapse of Northern Rock. This meant the bank was eventually sold off in parts, with the profitable banking arm being acquired by Virgin Money. However, importantly the lifetime mortgage loan book was bought by J P Morgan who transferred administration of the lifetime mortgages to its subsidiary,…

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