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Does the reality of retirement match the UK’s aspirations?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 27th February 2019

It’s one thing hoping to retire at 66 years of age, but to do so with enough funds to sustain your golden years is another matter altogether. Without a sizeable pension pot and ample savings to supplement the full State Pension - currently set at £164.34 per week - many Brits are growing concerned about funding in later life. And it could get worse still. With the UK retirement gap on track to wi...

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How Equity Release Could Help Pay for Further Education

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 19th February 2019

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Common equity release myths that need addressing

By Mark Gregory on the 16th January 2019

In recent years, increasing numbers of homeowners have turned to their biggest asset to boost their income in retirement. Whether this means generating cash for...

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Holiday Hotspots: Where to Travel to in Retirement

By Mark Gregory on the 16th January 2019

Home to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is a country which boasts both exotic wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty. It has long...

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Equity Release: How Long Does It Take?

By Mark Gregory on the 16th January 2019

If you are approaching retirement, or are already retired, you may be looking for ways to boost your pension pot. This is where - in some instances - equity rel...

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Nominations for the 2019 'What Mortgage Awards' are open

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 14th January 2019

It almost seems like yesterday, but it’s a whole year since the process of voting in the 2018 What Mortgage Awards started. Last year, Equity Release Supermark...

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New Year, New Us: How We’re Upgrading in 2019

By Mark Gregory on the 20th December 2018

While 2018 has been a year of uncertainty for many, for us at Equity Release Supermarket, it has been a time of positive change. We began the year with a clear...

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Legal & General Income Lifetime Mortgage - A Wave or Ripple Effect for Equity Release Lending into 2019?

By Mark Gregory on the 25th November 2018

This week saw the launch of Legal & General’s Income Lifetime Mortgage plan, following hot on the heels of October’s release of the Saga Regular Drawdown plan....

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The Ultimate Bucket List: How to Spend Your Cash

By Mark Gregory on the 24th October 2018

Life may “begin at 40”, but the real fun, it seems, starts after retirement. According to recent research, it’s thought that as much as two-thirds of people pla...

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How Can I Help My Children Buy Their First House?

By Mark Gregory on the 18th October 2018

With research showing that UK Millennials now need 13 times their annual salary to buy a home in the nation’s capital, increasing numbers of first-time buyers a...

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