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What is Later Life Lending?

What is later life lending?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 7th July 2020

Later life lending is a term used to describe several types of borrowing designed for homeowners, typically over the age of 55.

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3 ways to create a comfortable and convenient garden for retirees

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 30th June 2020

Sweeping, digging and watering are par for the course, and this can put a lot of strain on the joints. Bad backs, stiff knees; nobody wants them, but they&rsquo...

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The most essential home modifications for retirees

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 30th June 2020

If you’re ready to take on your dream retirement, the first question to ask is - are you ready to finance it?

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Equity release calculators: An industry-leading innovation for our customers

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 8th June 2020

Equity Release Supermarket has long been an industry leader in technological innovation – and our ingenuity shows. We were the first broker to introduce t...

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Can I still release equity during lockdown?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 7th May 2020

Rest assured, Equity Release Supermarket is running as normal and you can still release equity in your home through us. However, we have modified and enhanced s...

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Day in the life of an Equity Release Supermarket adviser: Derek Wren

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 30th April 2020

From his Surrey base, Derek has a flexible work schedule (something which bodes well, given the current coronavirus outbreak) and is continuing to fulfil his cl...

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Equity Release Supermarket defy stagnant industry results with reported 30% growth last year

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 5th February 2020

Here at Equity Release Supermarket we announced a record-breaking year for the company despite the relatively unchanged industry performance figures. We su...

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Which equity release calculator should I use?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 3rd January 2020

At Equity Release Supermarket, we pride ourselves on being the only equity release and later life lending broker that offers you a comprehensive range of equity...

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Start 2020 with style: 20 ways to see in 2020

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 20th December 2019

New Year's Eve should be the biggest and best party of the year, no matter where you are in the world. And with 2020 right around the corner, it’s time to start...

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Top winter health tips for the over-55s

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 18th December 2019

Even if you’re fighting fit in your 50s, there’s no running away from the fact that it is more difficult to stay healthy as you get older – especially during th...

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