• Legal & General Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage – A Toe in the Water Before a Dive into the Retirement Interest Only Market?

    By Mark Gregory on

    The recent launch of Legal and General Home Finance’s Interest-Only Lifetime Mortgage has generated a lot of media commentary. The Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgage plan aims to address some of the issues surrounding the plight of over 1.6 million interest-only mortgage prisoners. But is the product worthy of all the fuss? Here we discuss the merits of the Optional Payment Plan and its timely launch – at the dawn of the Retirement Interest-Only Mortgage era. The term ‘Interest-only’ has been synonymous with the economic crash over a decade ago, when poor lending eventually led to a tougher stance by the Financial…

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  • Would You Support Your Parents to Take Equity Release?

    By Mark Rumney on

    Having advised on equity release schemes for over 17 years, I’m fully aware withdrawing capital from your home is a very important decision. It is probably the biggest financial decision you may take during later life. It is, of course, usually the largest asset by far that any of us will ever own, and will have been paid for through hard work during our working lives. It’s therefore fully understandable that clients who are considering a lifetime mortgage often ask these similar questions: • Are many people doing these schemes? …

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