• What Are the Long Term Costs of Equity Release Schemes?

    By Mark Rumney on

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an equity release adviser is that every customer is different, and have their own unique set of personal circumstances. One of the main areas concerning my equity release clients is how much equity release will cost them over the longer term. We can calculate the maximum amount of borrowings initially using an equity release calculator, however calculating the actual balance to be repaid upon death or long term care is a different calculation. My clients vary significantly, from those who have no interest at all in what will…

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  • Why the OneFamily 2.96% Variable Interest Rate is a Game-Changer for the Future of Equity Release

    By Mark Gregory on

    Launching a unique range of variable & fixed rate equity release schemes, the OneFamily ‘Lite’ & ‘Standard’ plans may herald the start of the greatest innovation the equity release market has seen. Where many have dared, OneFamily boldly go where no equity release has gone before: The Final Frontier – Variable Interest Rates! The significance of a variable equity release interest rate should in no way be underestimated, as it marks the end of a long journey that has seen a lack of innovation in lifetime mortgage product design. Understandably, there are economic & regulatory factors that may have influenced…

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