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This calculator has been designed to inform you about the possibilities of releasing quity from your home. Our promise to you is that after you complete the form, the decision to progress is entirely yours, we will not hassle you or try to force a sale upon you.

What happens next?

You complete the calculator form
We’ll provide you with the results for how much you could release
We’ll also email your results direct to you so you don’t have to make a note of them
It’s over to you. We’ll be here to provide advice and support if you have any questions but the decision is all yours.

What our customers say

“Excellent service in all respects. The very professional advice we received removed the concerns we had on such a major decision. I would recommend Equity Release Supermarket to anyone considering equity release.”
Mr C. – Hampshire
“Excellent advice from the adviser. Honest, listened to our worries and never pushed us in any direction, just good advice and no pressure.”
Mr H. – Yorkshire
These are lifetime mortgage and home reversion calculations. To understand their risks and features always ask for verification of the calculation of the calculator results provided to ensure they are specific to your personal circumstances.

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