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Equity Release News An Introduction To The Halifax Retirement Mortgage
Introduction To The Halifax Retirement Mortgage

An Introduction To The Halifax Retirement Mortgage

By Mark Gregory on the 17th May 2011

It is of paramount importance that you make sure you have a steady source of income or enough capital after you retire to maintain a comfortable standard of living. You will want to be closer to your family, probably take more holidays with them and spend some quality time enjoying yourself. All this needs money, and the Halifax Retirement Home plan can give you exactly that.

Time tested schemes

Though the financial services authority has classified it as a lifetime mortgage, the Halifax retirement mortgage equity release scheme is an interest only loan. It is offered to you by one of the UK’s leading financial organisations.

Terms and conditions

Before you decide upon any equity release scheme, you should be aware of its features. Always read the offer document carefully and find out all the clauses, terms and conditions. Since your home is one of the most valuable assets you will own, these schemes can provide you with a significant amount of money.

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