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Equity Release News Boost Your Income During Retirement With An Equity Release Scheme
Boost Income During Retirement With an Equity Release Scheme

Boost Your Income During Retirement With An Equity Release Scheme

By Mark Gregory on the 7th September 2010

Equity release is different form of finance to the usual bank loans and mortgages. The main reason for this is because NO monthly payments are required & also as it provides money against the value of your home with the allowance of you continuing live in it. If you are a homeowner and over 55, then equity release is an ideal option for you. With the help of equity release schemes, you can financially secure your retirement.

By opting for equity release, you can potentially receive a lump sum or regular income. To qualify for equity release, the value of your home must be over £70,000 & located in the United Kingdom. The countries within the UK vary between the equity release companies. However, they will all offer equity release in England & Wales, whilst some will only lend in Scotland & Northern Ireland. Again, some will offer equity release schemes on the Isle of Wight & only some on the Isle of Man, therefore to ascertain availability please ring freephone 0800 678 5159.

Due to different requirements, equity release schemes have been introduced onto the market. A home reversion plan is one the 2nd most popular scheme and is offered currently by four financial institutions within SHIP.

Home reversion plans

Under a home reversion plan, homeowners can release money against the value of their property without worrying about monthly repayments. By opting for home reversion plans, you can sell a part or all of your property. You (& any partner) need to be a minimum age of 65. Better terms for the home reversion schemes are obtained once you have both surpassed age 70.

Even after selling part of the property, you can continue living there but the legal owner will be yourself & the financial institution. If you decide to sell 100% of the property value then the reversion company will have sole ownertship of the property, leaving no inheritance for any beneficiaries.

Different applicants will be eligible to release different amounts of money against their home. One of the major factors which affects the equity is the age of the homeowners. Also, the value of the property plays an important role. It is therefore a conbination of these factors that govern the amount you can release. Another important influence is health as there are now equity release schemes that will consider impaired life applications.

Other than home reversion plans, you can also opt for lifetime mortgages or home income plans to release money against your property. Contact an independent equity release specialist such as Equity Release Supermarket who with their experience will guide you in choosing an appropriate equity release scheme.

To obtain the services of one of the Equity Release Supermarket team email [email protected].

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