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News Equity Release – An Excellent Way To Improve Your Finances

Equity Release – An Excellent Way To Improve Your Finances

By Mark Gregory on the 30th November 2010

There are many retired people who cannot find the quality of life they yearn for on the limited savings and small pensions they have. If you are suffering from financial difficulties then equity release can be the perfect solution for you. Equity release allows you to unlock money against the value of your home.

How does equity release work?

To qualify for equity release, you must be above 55 years old and own a home which is worth more than £60,000. Once you have opted for equity release, you will receive a lump sum amount of money or monthly income from the lender.

If you have decided to go for equity release then you must know that there are two different equity release schemes in the market.

Lifetime mortgages – These schemes are preferred by many homeowners these days because they can be provided in different formats to suit people’s circumstances. The different types of lifetime mortgages range from lump sum equity release to the flexible drawdown equity release schemes. The lump sum plans do as the name says on the tin, in that they provide a single, one-off lump sum which is fine if no further cash releases are required.

However, this can be difficult to predict & when interest rates for the lump sum & drawdown are the same then invariably the drawdown plans are the most popular equity release schemes available.

Home reversion plans – These equity release schemes allow you to sell the whole or only a percentage of your home to the home reversion lender. This means that you have the option to also keep some part of the property for your beneficiaries. These are the only type of equity release schemes that can guarantee an inheritance for your beneficiaries.

Both the above mentioned equity release schemes are regulated by SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) and the FSA (Financial Service Authority). These organisations ensure that all the applicants get the protection that equity release UK schemes should receive in getting the appropriate deal for your circumstances.

To ascertain which or how either of the aforementioned equity release schemes can benefit you, please contact Mark Gregory on 0800 678 5159 or email

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