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Equity Release Supermarket News EQUITY RELEASE SUPERMARKET RATE ALERT…Stonehaven Reduce Rates
Equity Release Supermarket News EQUITY RELEASE SUPERMARKET RATE ALERT…Stonehaven Reduce Rates
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Mark Gregory
Checked for accuracy and updated on 31 October 2023

Just as you thought things couldn’t get much better with equity release interest rates, Stonehaven have joined the latest interest rate war by announcing the lowest annual interest rate yet of just 5.89%.

It looks like Aviva & Just Retirement have stirred up a hornets nest within the equity release market.

Stonehaven equity release have stated they will be reducing their lifetime mortgage interest rates across their whole product range with effect from Monday 13th February 2012. With their benchmark gilt rate now falling to just over 2% they have reduced their interest rates accordingly & maybe more reductions to follow?

The greatest reduction has been on their interest only lifetime mortgage product – Interest Select Max which offers the highest loan-to-value. This has been reduced from 7.57% down to 7.10% monthly.

For comparison purposes, on a £50,000 Stonehaven Interest Select Max mortgage, the monthly payments would have reduced from £315pm down to £296pm. A saving of almost £20pm.

However, the greatest reduction is evident the lump sum product range & it seems Stonehaven are now trying to capture more of the lump sum equity release market. Hence their slightly aggressive stance in lowering below Aviva’s 5.92% rate announced only the other day.

Their niche interest only lifetime mortgage has played a major role in assisting people who have been left stranded by the recent withdrawal of the Halifax Retirement Home Plan.Without the Stonehaven interest select mortgage, there would be no other interest only lifetime mortgage lender in England & Wales.

This is due to the fact that Stonehaven only lend in England & Wales, which means that people in Scotland & Northern Ireland still need to source alternative lenders should they be looking for interest only mortgages. Equity Release Supermarket can still assist here but please contact us on 0800 678 5159 for details.

Details of  Stonehaven’s new interest rates are as follows: -

  • Lump Sum Lite - 5.89% (was 6.13%)
  • Lump Sum - 5.98%

Their range of interest only lifetime mortgage rates are as follows: -

  • Interest Select Lite - 6.08% (was £6.13%)
  • Interest Select - 6.17%
  • Interest Select Plus - 6.46%
  • Interest Select Max - 7.10%

If any of these new deals are of interest to you, please contact the Equity Release Supermarket team on 0800 678 5159 where an adviser can provide guidance as to which Stonehaven equity release mortgage would be suitable.

Alternatively, you can email on [email protected].

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