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News Equity Release Schemes – How Do They Benefit Retired Homeowners?

Equity Release Schemes – How Do They Benefit Retired Homeowners?

By Mark Gregory on the 19th November 2010

Lower pension incomes and high living costs have resulted in retired people looking for different financial solutions to make ends meet.

Due to these issues, more and more retired homeowners are turning to equity release schemes for an additional source of income. Equity release allow homeowners to use some of the cash tied up in their homes and get a tax free lump sum. They are also permitted to continue living there rent free & in the case of lifetime mortgages with 100% ownership to.

Additionally there are other advantages gained from equity release schemes:

No need to move – One of the best things about equity release schemes is that homeowners do not have to worry about moving out of their homes when they sign up. In the case of roll-up lifetime mortgages the plan holder retains 100% ownership of the property & can remain there until the second person has died or moved into long term care. With regards to the second type of equity release – home reversion plans, the planholder retains the portion of the property they do not sell to the reversion company.

Inheritance protected equity release products – Another benefit of these schemes is that homeowners can now choose whether or not they want to guarantee a certain percentage of their home. This means that they can still be sure there is some equity left for their beneficiaries. This can therefore form part of a gift of their inheritance.

Supplementary income – More than 50% of retired homeowners have wealth that is tied up in their property. For this reason, many choose home equity release schemes to gain additional income. This retired people to meet daily expenses & assist with the day to day costs of living in today’s retired environment.

In all cases, homeowners can move home during the term of their equity release schemes. However, they have to notify the equity release company. The reason for notification to the lender is that the equity release planholder has two choices. Firstly, they have the option of porting the equity release scheme over to their new property. The new property would have to meet the lenders property criteria, however it can be transferred with no early repayment penalty. Secondly, the scheme can be repaid in full, thus removing any future equity release liability. You would therefore need to bear in mind any potential early repayment charges.

As equity release schemes can be rather complex, it is best to have a professional explain and oversee the process. All Equity Release Supermarket advisers are authorised by the FSA & the equity release schemes they advise on are all SHIP members.

The Equity Release team will provide independent financial advice & research from the whole of the equity release market.

To gain from their experience, please call freephone 0800 678 5159 or email

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