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Equity Release News Equity Release – The Top Three Advantages Of Home Reversion Plans
Advantages Of Home Reversion Plans

Equity Release – The Top Three Advantages Of Home Reversion Plans

By Mark Gregory on the 16th October 2010

Equity release schemes are perfect for elderly people who are looking for ways to generate funds during their retirement.

The less common home reversion equity release schemes allows you to sell a part or your entire property to the reversion company. In return, you can get a guaranteed lifetime lease and tax-free money with no monthly repayments.

You can continue to reside in your property for as long as you want. Home reversion schemes also guarantee an inheritance to your beneficiaries. It is a scheme where you sell a percentage or all of your property to the reversion company while retaining the rights to live rent free in your home for the rest of your life. The equity received can either be paid out as a monthly income, lump sum or a combination of both.

Some important benefits of home reversion schemes

No monthly payments

As a home reversion equity release scheme is not actually a loan, there is no need to pay off any interest. Other equity release schemes such as lifetime mortgages not only charge you interest, but also reduce the inheritance for your beneficiaries which in extreme cases can erode ALL the equity in the property. This means that the interest amount can grow considerably over the years; in some cases it may exceed the value of your property.

This cannot happen with a home reversion scheme unless you select to sell 100% of the property in the first place.

Benefit from rise in property values

Unless you have sold your entire property, you can get your share as the property value increases. Therefore, if you have sold 50% of the property value, you will still retain any growth in your share of the remaining 50% of the property.

Release more equity compared to lifetime mortgages

With home reversion schemes, you can release more cash than lifetime mortgages allow you to. This can be advantageous should you have no children to leave your estate to. In addition home reversion schemes can have an impaired life facility built into the scheme. Therefore, if your health is poor or have an impaired life condition should as high blood pressure or you have suffered a heart attack, stroke or cancer then the home reversion company can give you a higher lump sum than otherwise have been. This would be due to the fact that they do not anticipate your life expectancy to be as high as the average & thus have actuarily decided they can afford to offer a greater lump sum.

To request further information on home reversion schemes & a home reversion quote, please contact the Equity Release Supermarket team on 0800 678 5159.

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