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News Keeping Up With the Equity Release Market

Keeping Up With the Equity Release Market

By Mark Gregory on the 13th February 2014

The financial market requires every player in the industry to be equipped with as much information as possible, so as to enable the provision of quality services and advice to meet up with the huge demands of an ever thriving economy. It becomes even more imperative when you have set goals and expectations before you that you must deliver on. One way to do this is through equity release news.

The equity release market involves profits that have accrued from equity associated with property, especially homes. There are three main schemes that apply to this market: lifetime mortgages, enhanced lifetime mortgages and drawdown lifetime mortgages. Because of the sensitivity of this aspect of the financial market, especially because of how terribly bad decisions can affect a customer, it is imperative that you know all there is to know about this market at any point in time. Staying up to date with equity release news is therefore not an option; it is essential.

The financial market, especially the equity market, does not permit you to be ignorant of facts, events and updates about the market at any point in time. You must be ready to deliver appropriately and substantially. It is not enough for you to know the theory of this market; you must know how situations in the market apply to your customers.

There are various resources available to you to ensure that you are up to speed on demands of the market and the changing interest rates. You have to take sufficient time regularly to read news materials available on various platforms, such as the Internet, newspaper articles, finance oriented magazines and other platforms available to you. You need to pay attention to several market updates and rates, including special offers – customers love special offers.

Staying up to date will enable you to analyse details and compare deals intelligently, and then you can adequately advise your clients on how to invest. You need to be accurate with your details. Some platforms and websites even offer much more services for you to further enhance your work. They offer services such as calculators, switch plans to help you explore other options and equip you sufficiently to choose.

So, if you’re looking for that golden nugget of information on lifetime mortgages & want to keep abreast of the market then sign up for news articles from the likes of They can advise on the market leading interest rates, rate changes & new entrants into the equity release market that may be of benefit to you.

Equity release news is made available to you as the provider and agent of equity release schemes, and it is also available to consumers. This is another reason it is imperative for you to keep abreast of what is going on in your market. If you fail to keep updated this can be a sign against you when a potential client is comparing different agents, solicitors, and providers of equity release mortgages.

Many consumers will come to you forearmed with information. What they hope is that you can add to what they have already read. They also want you to debunk any myths or potential misconceptions being spread on the Internet and in other media. To do this you need to be up to date on all your facts.

Consumers are turning more and more to online services. It is easy to do with smartphones, tablets, and iPads. It takes a moment for a consumer to pull up information on equity release schemes while taking the underground to work and home again. In this fast paced environment, you cannot let the world pass you by. There are definitely some news sites that are geared more towards you as an agent, solicitor or other worker in the equity release market.

These sites are not always available to the consumer, which gives you an edge over what the person comes to you after reading. There is every chance the potential client will not have gone on the Internet or read financial papers to get the latest news. Instead, they rely on commercials to put the idea of home equity release in the forefront of their mind and then ask you, the expert to expand on what is required for such a plan.

Whether your client is well-read from online sources, new to the equity release market, or somewhere in between both options, make certain you are at least ahead of the game by reading equity release news.

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