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News Live The Life Of Your Choice With Equity Release Schemes

Live The Life Of Your Choice With Equity Release Schemes

By Mark Gregory on the 29th September 2010

Many people think of retirement as a stage where they can spend their lives with comfort and ease. People work hard all through their life to save enough for their retirement. However, retirement is not always as financially lucrative as everyone expects it to be. With retirement regular income can reduce significantly, but expenses can continue to grow.

Many people dream of retirement finance within the family home & living with a regular monthly cash flow to take care of their expenses. After their retirement, people expect to spend maximum time with their family and other relatives. Can equity release help?

With the current fragile economic climate, many dreams remain unfulfilled. Inflation has increased the cost of living. Inflation increases the cost of utility bills and household expenses. While living expenses have gone up, income is generally a lot lower after retirement. This creates a lot of strain on finances.

How equity release can be helpful

People used to sell their homes in order to unlock the equity. With the new equity release schemes, the need for selling your home to gain financial returns can be eliminated. You can enjoy financial benefits from your property without necessarily selling it. You can use your property to get money in terms of cash without losing ownership & by releasing the equity that is tied up in the bricks & mortar. You can even receive the payments in the form of monthly instalments or as a lump sum.

Due to these advantages, equity release schemes are becoming quite popular among retired people & the future of this market seems set to rise a shouse prices are predicted to rise steadily over the longer term.

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