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The best equity release calculator

By Mark Gregory on the 19th June 2017

If you are searching for the best equity release calculator, you should look for an equity release tool that offers you realistic options based on your current circumstances.

Calculating the maximum amount of equity available to you is a crucial first step in assessing whether equity release is the right choice for you. The calculation results also outline the options available to you, so it’s vital you choose a calculator offering comprehensive results.

How do I calculate my maximum equity release amount?

The most reliable equity release tool is an equity release calculator that collects your information and feeds it into an online home reversion or lifetime mortgage calculator, and offers results based upon what’s available to you in the marketplace.

What’s the best equity release calculator to use?

The best equity release calculator is one that offers comprehensive options covering three main areas:

  1. 1Standard plan

You receive straightforward data detailing the maximum equity release amount available from voluntary or roll-up repayment lifetime mortgage schemes.

  1. 2Enhanced plan

These results focus on the maximum equity release amount options available in the event of failing or poor health.

  1. 3Interest only

This offers options dealing with interest only lifetime mortgages where no proof of income is needed, monthly repayments are made and you have the option to change to roll-up in the future.

A three-in-one calculator covers the main circumstances that need to be evaluated to establish the maximum amount of equity release available. This means the results you receive are accurate and provide the opportunity to plan carefully and make the best choice for you and your circumstances.

The advantage of this kind of equity release tool is you are able to gather your own information in private, before approaching anyone officially. You are able to make your own decisions in your own time, thanks to the calculator’s reliable and comprehensive results.

Ensure the equity release calculator is upto date & from a reliable source. The main equity release advisory firms receive regular updates from lenders whenever products change. Therefore, accuracy of calculator results is important to ensure you have the correct information upon which you can make your judgement call.

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