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News Two Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Equity Release Schemes

Two Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Equity Release Schemes

By Mark Gregory on the 7th February 2011

Not many people are aware of the benefits of purchasing an equity release scheme. An equity release scheme is a type of loan scheme which allows you to receive a sum of money without having to make monthly repayments. This amount of money can be ascertained by the use of an equity release calculator.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a home equity release scheme:

Back-up for your retirement

Everyone plans to relax and enjoy their retirement years. After all it is the longest holiday of your life!

However, this is possible only when you have a steady flow of income and many pension schemes have been unreliable in both performance & trust.

On the other hand, an equity release mortgage allows you to release money according to both your age & the value of your home. This amount can then be used for your retirement period to assist with any expenditures that are incurred in retirement; whether it is a new car, holiday, home improvements or debt consolidation.

You can also receive money on a monthly basis with equity release schemes. Equally, you could opt for the more popular lump sum.

Debt Consolidation

Equity release schemes can allow you to take a percentage of the total value of your home in order to repay credit card, mortgage or any other form of debt. An equity release mortgage will enable you to clear the debts which in turn will alleviate your finances & provide surplus monthly income with which retirement can be made all that much easier financially.

Consider these options and take advantage of an equity release scheme to take care of your retirement worries.

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