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Equity Release Supermarket News Welcome to the New Equity Release Supermarket Website!
Welcome to the New Equity Release Supermarket Website!
Equity Release Supermarket News Welcome to the New Equity Release Supermarket Website!
New Equity Release Supermarket Website

Welcome to the New Equity Release Supermarket Website!

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Mark Gregory
Checked for accuracy and updated on 31 October 2023

In 2008 Equity Release Supermarket developed their market leading website with innovative tools such as the Equity Release Comparison tables and Equity Release Calculator which were the first of their kind on the internet. Since then we have been updating the website to provide a greater user experience and interaction with our team of advisers.

We now feel it's time for a complete refresh & website design to how we help educate and inform consumers on matters relating to equity release schemes which we feel particularly passionate about. Our new website can be found here -

As the consumer journey with regards to understanding equity release has changed since our inception in 2008, we now have a greater understanding of what our clients are looking for. We have embraced these ideologies.

Homeowners looking for information on equity release; including lifetime mortgages, retirement mortgage plans and home reversion plans, have become more knowledgeable on how the internet works and are increasing more comfortable with using functional websites.

Many 'Silversurfers' are now regularly completing their shopping, booking holidays and even buying financial products such as car, house or travel insurance online. Therefore, Equity Release Supermarket have identified how we can build on the suite of tools and services we currently provide and take these one step further to offer a 'complete user experience'.

This is of paramount importance to us and building already upon the successful 100% customer satisfaction feedback we get from our customers via FEEFO. Equity Release Supermarket now aim to improve our service levels even further by providing a unique customer experience in the equity release marketplace as follows:


Research Tools

  1. Comparison Tables - we have developed further our equity release comparison tables with additional information on ALL lifetime mortgage and retirement mortgage schemes. Our equity release comparison tables have been categorised according to their product type into labelled tabs which we feel this will help source and identify which equity release schemes will be of interest. Once you have found a scheme(s) of interest then you have the option to request quotations on any of the plans that are of interest which can be posted or emailed according to your preference.
  2. Equity Release Calculators - having launched our first equity release calculator in 2008, we have now added greater functionality and results to this tool. You can now obtain 3 separate results using a single calculator, saving time in obtaining calculations individually on standard lifetime plans, interest only and enhanced lifetime mortgages. Our equity release calculator results will help identify the maximum equity release lump sum available on each scheme type and provide guidance as to whether sufficient home equity can be released.
  3. Switch Plans Calculator - we are increasingly seeing the number of existing equity release planholders with older, less competitive & flexible schemes contacting us to see whether they can swap to a better lifetime mortgage. Our equity release switch plans calculator will help with initial calculations to see whether it could be worth switching to a newer plan by analysing the old schemes balance, interest rate and early repayment charge and comparing that to a completely new plan. The results provided act as a guide to see how much could potentially be saved by swapping plans.

Administration & Case Tracking

  1. Centralised Processing - once your equity release adviser has provided their recommendations & completed the resulting application, we have dedicated administration team at head office that take over the next stages through to completion. The head office team will be responsible for liaising with both lender & solicitors to help provide a smooth transaction and answer any queries that may arise.
  2. Regular Case Updates - using our new automated email messaging service, during the application process and upon reaching key stages, our system will provide email updates as to which stage has just been completed and what will be happening next. We feel that this, combined with your personal adviser's involvement will help communications between all parties meet a satisfactory conclusion.
  3. Case Tracking Service - unique to the equity release broker community, Equity Release Supermarket has developed an online case tracking service for its clients! This will enable our clients to login securely to their personal account, 24/7, and identify what stage their application is at. Additionally, on their portal they will have important documents stored for them including their Valuation Report and Offer Documents. There will also be details of your adviser & solicitor & their respective contact details should they be required. We feel this provides a transparent and informative approach to managing our client's equity release applications & an important source of information in the future.

Providing Product Information

  1. Videos - we have produced a suite of equity release videos which provide a simple explanatory approach to information about Equity Release Supermarket including our approach, structure and adviser views. From 4th January 2016 we are excited to have our own TV advert being shown which for us is a proud landmark reached & looking forward to hearing feedback on it! We will be adding further equity release videos to our YouTube channel as explainer videos to the products we offer and anything we feel will benefit the consumer in providing further guidance on this expanding market.
  2. Email Newsletters - following upon the successful feedback of our past email newsletters (eshots) we are set to build upon these with monthly market updates. Content will include details on new equity release schemes coming to market, provider insights or just the latest equity release interest rates and developments. If equity release isn't suitable for you just yet, perhaps keeping abreast of developments will help in the future. Please register for our regular equity release newsletter.
  3. Types of Equity Release Schemes - we have provided information how all the various lifetime mortgage schemes, home reversion plans and retirement mortgages work by visiting our What Is Equity Release? page. For each type of mortgage category we have sub-divided them further. For example, within lifetime mortgages category we have broken this section down to include drawdown, interest only, enhanced etc. This will help explain textually how each scheme operates with links to specific schemes for each category and help identify the best equity release scheme & request a quote.

There has been much planning, consultation and time put into developing the new Equity Release Supermarket website. Should you hopefully decide to use our services, we feel we have built a fantastic user experience for our customers and hopefully you can enjoy the fruits of our labour! Please visit our new website -

'It's not what you release, it's what you realise'

For further information about Equity Release Supermarket or any marketing enquiries, please either:

Visit Mark Gregory's Founder Page
Email Mark - [email protected]
Call 07966 889597

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