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What Kind of Equity Release is the Stonehaven Interest Select Plan?

By Mark Gregory on the 5th March 2014

Equity release is an option for people who would like to benefit from some of the equity they own within their own home without actually having to sell their home to do so. It can be a good option as it can provide either a lump sum or an ongoing monthly income to people throughout […]

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Secure Your Family’s Future with a Guaranteed Annuity

By Mark Gregory on the 13th February 2014

Consumers can be faced with several difficult and challenging decisions as they approach their retirement years. For some of these consumers, the decisions to b...

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Equity Release Schemes – Fulfil All Your Financial Requirements

By Mark Gregory on the 21st December 2010

If you want to release some money against the value of your property then equity release schemes can be ideal options for you. At present, many people after ret...

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Not Happy With Your Pension? Can Equity Release Schemes Help?

By Mark Gregory on the 20th December 2010

Should you have already purchased your annuity from your pension scheme, then unless it is indexed linked by inflation you may now be feeling that has lost some...

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Popular Types Of Equity Release For Retired Homeowners

By Mark Gregory on the 12th December 2010

It is only normal for people to want an adequate income to support themselves in financially uncertain times, such as the present. Unfortunately, not everyone c...

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Equity Release Schemes – How Do They Benefit Retired Homeowners?

By Mark Gregory on the 19th November 2010

Lower pension incomes and high living costs have resulted in retired people looking for different financial solutions to make ends meet. Due to these issues, mo...

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Equity Release Schemes – Frequently Asked Questions

By Mark Gregory on the 17th October 2010

Making a plan for retirement can be tricky and challenging. There are a number of things to consider and certain questions regarding eligibility that always cro...

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