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Can I take out equity release on a retirement apartment?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 3rd October 2019

Retirement apartments have become increasingly popular with older people. But can you release equity from these properties? Take a look here to find out.

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Is now the ideal time to take out an equity release plan?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 23rd August 2019

While deciding if equity release is right for them, many of our customers ask their local adviser, ‘Is now the best time to take out a plan?’ While...

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Equity release and Inheritance Tax: how much might you have to pay?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 21st July 2019

How much could your estate expect to be taxed? And how could equity release affect this? Let’s find out.

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Can I pay back equity release early?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 26th June 2019

It is one of the most common questions that we get asked here at Equity Release Supermarket and, while the short answer is 'Yes', there are certain caveats tha...

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Why are drawdown lifetime mortgages so popular?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 16th May 2019

Are you considering equity release? If so, you could be forgiven for thinking that all plans are identical. The reality is, however, that there are many differe...

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How to find the best summer travel deals

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 8th April 2019

How do you plan to spend your summer? Perhaps you see yourself sipping Sangria on a balmy Spanish beach, or maybe it’s finally time for that all-inclusive...

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How prepared are you for retirement?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 2nd April 2019

To get a better idea of what people expect from their golden years, as well as what they are currently doing to fulfil their aspirations, we spoke to a sample o...

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How much money do I need in retirement?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 21st March 2019

It’s only natural to daydream about a retirement filled with expensive hobbies and sun-soaked holidays abroad. But have you really considered how much you will...

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How should you spend your money in retirement?

By Equity Release Supermarket on the 21st March 2019

Retirement is about shaking off the nine-to-five routine and embracing your new-found freedom. The only question is: what should you do with your time? Perha...

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How Long Does the Equity Release Application Process Take?

By Mark Gregory on the 20th March 2019

The equity release market is currently at its peak with a record number of applications. For those aged over 55 and are considering releasing equity, here we re...

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