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Why knowledge is key in the equity release market

By Mark Gregory on the 16th December 2017

Anyone even vaguely contemplating equity release ought to be aware that, as with so many things, knowledge is power. Although equity release receives increasing amounts of press coverage, many people remain unsure about what exactly it is, or how to get the best equity release deal. The equity release industry itself bears some responsibility for […]

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Using equity release money to go on holiday

By Mark Gregory on the 14th December 2017

While ‘spending the children’s inheritance’ used to be taken with a pinch of salt, many older people are releasing the money in their properties to enjoy it for...

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Can you move house if you’ve taken out equity release?

By Mark Gregory on the 10th December 2017

Are you a homeowner and looking at retirement solutions such as equity release? If so, what are the basics that you should be aware of, and what does it mean fo...

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Meet John Who Helped His Granddaughter Buy Her First Home

By Mark Gregory on the 29th November 2017

Meet John who is 78 years old and has admired his only granddaughter, Victoria who he’s seen grow up over the years. John is proud that Victoria has worked her...

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Why more people trust equity release than ever before

By Mark Gregory on the 21st November 2017

Equity release has recently experienced a boom that few other markets have experienced. In 2017 it has become the fasting growing part of the mortgage market –...

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Are you missing out on a retirement income boost? Note from government

By Mark Gregory on the 15th November 2017

People of all ages are concerned about how they will cope financially when they retire. Indeed, it is one of the key stressors for those people in their 40s and...

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A lifeline for people unable to pay interest only mortgages

By Mark Gregory on the 7th November 2017

Interest only mortgages may seem like a great idea at the beginning of home ownership, but there are fears that there is a large and increasing number of househ...

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Helping your grandchildren to get on the property ladder

By Mark Gregory on the 1st November 2017

Getting on the property ladder continues to be a struggle for first-time buyers. It can take 13 years for a single first-time buyer to raise enough funds for a...

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How to choose the right equity release advisor

By Mark Gregory on the 21st October 2017

Equity release is becoming more and more popular with people who want or need to release extra cash in their later years. Figures from the Equity Release Counci...

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Stamp duty increases borrowing in retirees

By Mark Gregory on the 26th September 2017

A combination of high stamp duty charges and a shortage of suitable, smaller homes is forcing more and more older people to borrow money rather than downsize, a...

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