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Can I still leave an inheritance

By Mark Gregory on the 8th August 2017

For many of those contemplating an equity release plan, leaving an inheritance for their beneficiaries is one of their main concerns. Although the interest that accrues on the cash freed up from this exercise is, in almost all circumstances, not payable until after death, it can potentially swallow the entire value of a property. This […]

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Do I need equity release advice?

By Mark Gregory on the 5th August 2017

Increasing numbers of homeowners are finding themselves in the old cliché of becoming ‘asset rich and cash poor’ when they reach retirement. While this may be l...

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How equity release is used for gifting

By Mark Gregory on the 19th July 2017

Today’s retirees are creating new traditions, such as adopting a more active and independent lifestyle and providing a better quality of life for their family n...

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Using equity release to clear your debts

By Mark Gregory on the 15th June 2017

Most people have an idyllic idea about retirement. It means taking it easy, having the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to, and relaxing, free from th...

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Is Equity Release Safe?

By Mark Gregory on the 1st June 2017

Before deciding whether equity release is right for you, you need to know the facts, and that includes the question: is equity release safe? Often people are wo...

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Interest Rate War Stokes Up the Equity Release Market

By Mark Gregory on the 3rd September 2016

Equity Release Supermarket are currently experiencing the largest number of equity release interest rate reductions that have ever been witnessed in the industr...

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Equity Release - Helping You Plan for an Uncertain Future

By Mark Gregory on the 17th July 2016

Post Brexit, there will be many guesses as to how the economy will fair, equity release interest rates included. This post looks at where lifetime mortgage inte...

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Innovation, Progress & Development Within the Equity Release Market

By Mark Gregory on the 1st June 2016

Equity release in 2016 is set to continue its strong growth from 2015 which broke all previous retirement lending records. With new lenders such as Legal & Gene...

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Why the OneFamily 2.96% Variable Interest Rate is a Game-Changer for the Future of Equity Release

By Mark Gregory on the 10th May 2016

Launching a unique range of variable & fixed rate equity release schemes, the OneFamily ‘Lite’ & ‘Standard’ plans may herald the start of the greatest innovatio...

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Review your Papilio UK (Northern Rock) Lifetime Mortgage to Calculate the Substantial Savings You Can Make

By Mark Gregory on the 5th April 2016

One of the casualties on the 2008 financial crash was the Newcastle based – Northern Rock bank. For the first time in over 180 years, we saw a run on a bank in...

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