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Equity release in London rises

By Mark Gregory on the 4th January 2018

Homes in London are known for being extremely expensive, but this year house prices have shown signs of slowing down. This doesn’t mean that the houses are now affordable, but it is likely they will be more affordable in the future – and that isn’t all. Senior homeowners in London have started to unlock large […]

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Borrowing in Retirement

By Mark Gregory on the 18th December 2017

One significant development in the financial services industry since the financial crash of 2008 has been the indecision of the future of retirement mortgage pr...

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Can you move house if you’ve taken out equity release?

By Mark Gregory on the 10th December 2017

Are you a homeowner and looking at retirement solutions such as equity release? If so, what are the basics that you should be aware of, and what does it mean fo...

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Why more people trust equity release than ever before

By Mark Gregory on the 21st November 2017

Equity release has recently experienced a boom that few other markets have experienced. In 2017 it has become the fasting growing part of the mortgage market –...

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A lifeline for people unable to pay interest only mortgages

By Mark Gregory on the 7th November 2017

Interest only mortgages may seem like a great idea at the beginning of home ownership, but there are fears that there is a large and increasing number of househ...

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Stamp duty increases borrowing in retirees

By Mark Gregory on the 26th September 2017

A combination of high stamp duty charges and a shortage of suitable, smaller homes is forcing more and more older people to borrow money rather than downsize, a...

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Why Retirement Advantage’s New Buy-to-Let Equity Release Helps Tip the Balance Back in Landlords Favour

By Mark Gregory on the 28th August 2017

The launch of new buy-to-let equity release schemes from Retirement Advantage shows how this emerging financial services sector is positively looking to help in...

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Using equity release to pay off mortgage

By Mark Gregory on the 19th August 2017

Do you have an interest-only mortgage? It is close to reaching maturity? Do you have enough money set aside to pay it off? If not, you’re not alone – it is thou...

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Why returning British expats may face a property nightmare

By Mark Gregory on the 18th August 2017

While Brexit may well mean Brexit, nobody yet knows exactly what this will mean for thousands of people living both in the UK and in Europe. European workers, s...

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Can I still leave an inheritance

By Mark Gregory on the 8th August 2017

For many of those contemplating an equity release plan, leaving an inheritance for their beneficiaries is one of their main concerns. Although the interest that...

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