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Bridgewater Equity Release, which is one of the largest companies within the Group, was originally established in 1912 and now provides a range of home reversion schemes to UK homeowners.

Retirement Bridge are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority members of the Equity Release Council (ERC), with a member of their group – Home & Capital - being one of The ERC’s founder members.

Bridgewater now offer a range of home reversion products, focussed around whether a rent is paid by the tenant. The three versions include the option of no rent, fixed rent or escalating rent. Effectively, the greater the rent paid, the higher the potential lump sum released by Bridgewater with maximum loan-to-values of 80% of the property being achieved.

For those seeking to leave a guaranteed inheritance for their loved ones, home reversion plans still have their part to play. While their popularity has reduced and now very few are taken out, home reversion plans can still offer a guaranteed inheritance and are available on properties that most lifetime mortgage lenders may not accept.

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